We welcome you at Elie Naim Maalouf Company S.A.L. (EMC), a well-known establishment in the realm of construction contracting, infrastructure, and engineering with a special future vision and well-established action plan aiming at developing its works and expanding its horizons.
EMC has managed to build a multiservice image, rising as a pioneer in engineering and construction, particularly in the field of infrastructure including water systems, sewers, and water supply. Furthermore, it has earned high, well-established reputation thanks to its strict adherence to safety measures and to its benefiting from technological advancements. It is perhaps its persistence on satisfying the clients by meeting deadlines and managing projects in accordance with high standards and complying fully with the allocated budget which has contributed substantially to establishing such reputation.
Since our emergence, we have managed to prove ourselves in the private and the public sectors, and we have contracted large development projects by lodging open, fair tenders. Indeed, we have carried out these projects in a highly professional way, as we have shown significant professional excellence whether in our painstaking work, or in our meeting delivery deadlines, or even in our honoring agreements.  Consequently, all that have swung open the doors of public institutions for us starting with the Ministry of Energy and Water to the Ministry of the Displaced to the Council for Development and Reconstruction to the directorates and municipalities scattered in every nook and cranny in Lebanon from its North to its South. Perhaps such credibility has earned us matchless fame and reputation and contributed to expanding the scope of our work. Since 1995 so far, we have achieved spectacular success in establishing electrical networks and potable water networks, constructing water reservoirs, laying water pumping and drawing pipelines, constructing sewage pipelines, and digging private irrigation canals in Aley, Baalbeck, Zahle, Akkar, Maten, Baabda, and Sour.
Not only do we have experience in the realm of infrastructure but also in the field of residential building construction. Our first residential building project was in 1983 in Baabda , and later we carried out a great number of projects in Maten district. Apart from such expertise in building residences, we erected luxurious hotels and magnificent buildings, notably the Central Bank of Lebanon in Bikfaya in 1992. On top of all that, in 2009, we carried out the BelleVue Medical Center, whose cost amounted US$45000000.
Indeed, we have all worked vigorously and enthusiastically in this company for years. We have managed to make great achievements. Now, we are trying to achieve more with our strong will and great ambition, depending on new criteria and young members sharing us our ambition and will and on a highly competent and greatly experienced technical staff in all areas. Perhaps, our strongest point is our established reputation, which we earned through decades of credibility in our dealings, precision in work, and high quality in carrying out projects we undertake. Accordingly, this helped us keep our clients’ loyalty to us and gain new clients.
Today, EMC is progressing towards a new stage known for its professionalism thanks to our applying international standards in all departments; we have devised a strategy to boost our progress and reinforce our strong points in some areas on the one hand and handle our regress on the other, all with the purpose of achieving short-term and long-term goals.