We welcome you at Elie Naim Maalouf Company S.A.L. (EMC), a well-known establishment in the realm of construction contracting, infrastructure, and engineering with a special future vision and well-established action plan aiming at developing its works and expanding its horizons. EMC has managed to build a multiser vice image, rising as a pioneer in engineering and construction, particularly in the field of infrastructive

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Reconstruction of Naher El Bared Camp

Reconstruction of Nahr El-Bared Palestine Refugee Camp Residential and Non Residential Units, Package 3 - Block N13 - N15 - Area A0, Blocks (N100, N101 & N102)

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Jezzine Barrack

Construction of facilities on the property No. 3661 / Jezzine

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Ein El Hilweh Camp

Construction of Sewerage, Drainage and Water System in Ein El Hilweh Palestinian Refugees Camp - Sector No. 1, 3 and 4

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BOCTI Warehouses - LOT 75

Construction of Warehouses - LOT 75

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Achrafieh Substation - Lot A

Construction of the Achrafieh Substation, including shoring, Excavation, Civil and finishing Works.

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